Tansky and #larsfrommars

Lars Nyberg would be celebrating his 31st birthday this coming October 14, if he were still here with us.  But he’s not.  Life sucks sometimes.

Since Lars’ death, I had thought of many ways to celebrate his life through an event or something designed to bring people enjoyment, and so it was that I suggested the October 14th date to the Sooke Bike Club for an enduro race at one of Lars’ most favourite places; Tansky Recreation site.

All that the Club needed was the suggestion, and they started to make things happen.  It’s really amazing to me to see the community coalesce around this event, with support coming from all over the place.

One of Lars’ closest mountain/motor biking friends, Matt Perzel, has been working hard to provide a trail worthy of a great enduro race.  Through a couple maintenance days, in partnership with the Sooke Bike Club and BCORMA via their main guy, Andy James, I hear the track is looking prime.  If the weather holds out, this event is posed to be epic.

I don’t race very often, but I think it would simply be wrong for me to not take part in this event, so the shop will be closed on Sunday.  Lars was one of my very best friends, one of the few who I’d go to races with.  One of our most adventurous races was an Island Cup downhill all the way up in Port Allice, and I’ll never forget it.  Lars won, and I broke my bike.  We really got to know each other during the trip, and I’ll always be thankful for that.

I’ve been busy working at the Sooke bike park, and building a trail for a local land owner, so my time on the bike has been super limited since I’ve been working 7 days a week.  I’ve been on my bike a half dozen times over the past half year, so…wish me luck!

Even though Lars’ name isn’t on the poster, this event is happening because of him.  We all wish that he could be here with us and show us how to really ride.  But, in a way, he will be with us.  He’ll always be with those who carry him with them, and as a community, we can perpetuate the energy and passion he had for the trails, the forest, and the mountain biking community by having a great time in his name.

Long live Lars!  #larsfrommars