Shop Policy

Sale Items

All sales on items sold at a discount are final, no exceptions


All sales on helmets are final, no exceptions

New Bikes:

All sales are final, no exceptions

All new bikes come with a one year assembly guarantee, (ask for details in store)

Labour for the installation of new parts and accessories onto your bike, purchased at SMC, is covered for one year

Manufacturer’s warrantees are brokered through SMC on your behalf when required

You will be provided with a sales receipt that notes the unique serial number on your new bike, and SMC will retain a copy as well, should you lose yours

Labour and Repairs:

Labour done to your bike is guaranteed for 30 days from book in, if our repairs don’t meet your satisfaction, please let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re happy with the quality of our work

A $3.00 per day storage fee will be levied on bikes left 30 days past book in date, unless prior arrangements are made.   SMC will not be held responsible for bikes left for repair beyond 30 days from book in

Bikes left for 3 months past drop off date will be sold in order to recoup the cost of repairs, unless prior arrangements are made.  Attempts to contact the customer are undertaken by SMC after a couple weeks past the due date

Parts, Accessories and Clothing Warranty and Returns:

Original receipts are required in order to initiate the warranty process

Original receipts are required for returns, and item must be in ‘as sold’ condition.  If no receipt is included, SMC reserves the right to either refuse the return, or provide in-store credit for the amount paid

SMC will broker any warranty claims which arise from defective parts, accessories and clothing purchased at the store

The manufacturer has the final say as to whether or not a part, accessory or article of clothing qualifies for replacement under warranty