Greetings, Earthlings

Since March 15, 2020, SMC has been closed. We made that tough decision early and are still proud of making that choice.

Life goes on, though. People are riding bikes a lot and I understand that department stores have been running out of ‘bikes’. There are likely a lot of bikes around Sooke desperately in need of repairs. There will likely be lots of people in the market for used bikes, which we’ll start selling as we figure things out.

There are a good number of dedicated riders in Sooke. Mountain bikers primarily, but all sorts of folks who ride bikes regularly and need/want parts and accessories they can install themselves.

It’s highly unlikely that Sooke Mountain Cycle will continue to have a showroom going forward. The bike shop as you know it currently will never be the same. At some point in the future, the only reason you will have to come to the shop is to either drop your bike off for repair, or pick it up once it’s repaired. We may provide a delivery service at that time as well.

In order to get to the point where we can begin with bike repairs, the physical infrastructure of the building needs to be modified.

Concurrently, we have entered into an agreement with our largest parts and accessories distributor. This agreement allows our customers to view the online catalogue, place their order through, and make a payment to SMC, and receive their order shipped directly to their door. Our customers can rely on my experience and knowledge in order to get exactly what they need, without having to resort to online shops that stock a limited and inconsistent product mix.

This is also a good way to keep your money local. A lot of people talk about ‘supporting your local business’. In our new future, it will become much clearer to everyone that supporting your local business is tantamount to supporting your community.

Things are going to get more expensive, there’s no way around that. However, we are still dedicated to providing our customers with good value for their money. We are also dedicated to the health and well being of our community and realize that we’re possibly two years away from a future where social distancing is no longer required. These potentially conflicting goals will need to be reconciled, and we want Sooke to know that we’re currently figuring out how to do that, which will dictate our timeframe for resuming operations.

We’ll announce the introduction of these changes as they become implemented. Right now we’re still wrapping our heads around getting the details squared away.

Please stay healthy and safe. Use your head.