I’m real picky about the brands of bikes I sell.  Not only do these bikes need to do what they need to do, whoever made or sells them to SMC had better take good care of you and me.  Since 2004, when SMC started, I’ve been on a quest to provide my customers with the very best products backed by the very best warranty service. Warranty support and after sales service are vital to me, so that you aren’t ever let down, and I don’t lose sleep.

dependability, function and durability is vital. Innovation for the sake of innovation is artificial. Innovation must serve the 3 characteristics I just mentioned, if it’s to be of interest to me.  If done right, innovation can vastly improve your abilities in using a bicycle.

To that end,  the following brands hit the bull’s eye with the products that they develop and produce, and you can be sure of what you find within sooke mountain cycle.

Liv Bicycles

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