April 9, 2017

It was great to get back on the bike after 5 weeks off due to a sprained ankle.  My buddy, Jeff, was waiting at the Harbourview parking lot and I pulled in somewhere around ten.  I do like to ride from my home, since the thought of burning gas in order to ride a bike is somewhat annoying to me.  For me, to be clear.  I don’t judge others.

Anyway, we rolled on up the mountain, had some deep conversations and ranted about how ridiculous American politics are these days.  So ridiculous, in fact, that they permeate an otherwise great ride.  Go figure.

There was quite a number of hikers at the top of Quimper, and we met more on the way down the front side to Airflow- or whatever they’ve decided to change the name to.  While we were at the top, we hooked up with Bob, Tom and Kev.  It’s always fun to ride with good folks.

There isn’t much more to add; the weather was balmy and fantastic, and the trails were loamy and slick.  I crashed.  Twice.  Cuz, y’know that’s how I roll.  And I’m not very good at riding my bike.