Amped on E Bikes

‘E Bikes’ have little electric motors that run off a battery.  

The ones that I sell, made by Giant, have no throttle  They are Class 1 pedal assist bicycles.

4 sensors ,connected to a computer, relay the information required to boost each rotation of the pedals, by driving the front sprocket.  

There are graduated power settings that you can toggle through, by way of weatherproof buttons mounted to a sturdy aluminum mount, in order to manage your battery consumption and provide specific amounts of assistance based on what you want.  

Information, such as speed, trip distance, etc. is available to the rider by way of an LCD screen, which  includes a USB port that you can use to charge your phone or run a light directly from the battery.  Some models have lights integrated into the bike, which can be turned on or off via a button on the controller.

When your battery needs to be charged, you can remove it from the bike with an included key, or keep it on the bike and plug it into the charger which is compatible with standard wall plug outlets.  A complete charge takes a few hours.  

Because the motor is between the wheels, as opposed to being part of the wheel, and because the battery is integrated into the middle of the frame, the bike is nicely balanced.  The motor, battery and additional gizmos add about 20 pounds of weight to the bike.  

Giant  ebikes coast freely, like a regular bike, because the motor isn’t integrated into the wheel hub.  These bikes do not charge the battery when coasting, like some wheel motors do, but exhibit far less friction.

A fully charged battery will take a rider anywhere between 90 and 150 kilometers.  There are many variables that affect the load on the battery, including slopes, rider weight and the choices made by the rider via power output settings.

These ebikes feel natural, that is, when you get on and pedal it’s just the same as a regular bike.  The difference is that higher speed can be achieved sooner, headwinds make almost no difference to your effort, and inclines seem far flatter.

I prefer using my ebike at full power all the time.  I like speed, and that’s what I get.  If you don’t like speed, but dislike or are unable to manage steep inclines, you can adjust your motor accordingly.  Giant’s ebikes are adaptable to your needs, and feel like a natural extension of your body once you get used to them.

People often bring up the word ‘cheating’ when discussing electric assist bicycles.  This is a topic which requires its own write up, so stay tuned if you care.