SMC’s hours;

wed-fri, 9:30am-5pm 

sat-sun, 9:30am-3pm



SMC will be closed as of today, (March 12, 2020) in order to mitigate any potential for this, (more or less) public space to become a nexus for the spread of COVID-19 in  our community                                                                                                     This precautionary measure will come at a financial cost to our family, but our decision is based on the premise that this cost can not be measured against the health and well being of our fellow citizens. 

Fortunately, as a small business owner, we can make this choice in order to protect ourselves, our family and our community from a rapidly developing spreading viral threat. 

It’s my hope that other people in a similar situation carefully consider this action for themselves.  Hopefully our society can come together and battle this virus effectively.

The fact is we can each make a difference by making some sacrifices.

As sole owner/operator of Sooke Mountain Cycle LTD., the regular flu could take me out for a week or more in which case I’d have to close the shop, but COVID-19 could have much more severe consequences.  I’d rather close the shop as a healthy person, whose family is more or less protected from exposure to this dire viral threat.

SMC will reopen once we are in a more stable, safe situation.

Stay safe,