SMC’s hours;

wed-fri, 9:30am-5pm 

sat-sun, 9:30am-3pm


SMC is a full service bicycle shop, specializing in mountain bikes and electric assist bikes.

SMC is an independent bicycle dealer, and could be accurately described as a ‘mom and pop shop’.  Every aspect of what you experience here in the store is the product of our family’s effort to provide Sooke with a high quality bicycle shop experience, and that high quality finds its way into all aspects of our business.  This is how and why we keep things small.

We’re not in a rush to sell you something.  We prefer to give you the value of our knowledge and experience, with the hope you will decide to buy your stuff from us.  We have the mindset that you will buy what you want, and hope that you’ll reward our help with a purchase from our store.

We stock products that we have trust in, and that almost always has everything to do with the manufacturer and the support they provide. Dependability, design, function and durability must all be present in order for us to have an interest in stocking a thing.  After that, comes value.  We don’t want to have a bike shop where everything is priced beyond the reach of most folks, but we also don’t wanna sell junk.

When it comes to repairs, we can do pretty much anything that most bikes need done in order to get them safe and running sweet. There are some procedures that we lack the tooling for, and we can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear, so there are limitations.  That being said, we’ll be straight up with you at the outset if those limitations get in the way.

You can trust our 25 years of experience of repairing bicycles professionally, and if that experience doesn’t prove sufficient within a reasonable timeframe, we’ll make it right.  In a perfect world, we’d get it right every time, but it’s not a perfect world.  So, there’s that.

About me; I’m friendly enough and really do want to help you, but the shop is pretty much a one man show, so if I’m juggling a bunch of stuff all at once and can’t get to you right away, don’t take it personally.  If it looks like I’m running around like a madman, your eyes probably aren’t deceiving you.  Please be patient- I’ll be right with you…